Skeleton: How to use?

The TYPO3 11 LTS Skeleton can be used as a base for new websites. It includes a basic data- and pagestructure and offers a default style. The system can be used instantly after deployment or it can be customized to fit the customers requirements.

Some extensions are pre-installed and ready-to-use:

  • TYPO3 indexed search functionality
  • News extension
  • Databay CorporateDesign extension to manage colors and fonts
  • "min" extension to deliver minified and compressed HTML, Javascript and CSS files


The TYPO3 Skeleton is deployed with some basic elements. There are backend- and frontend-layouts, grid-elements and some content-elements, provided by the previously named extensions.

The following elements are available:

  • Backend- and frontend-layouts:
    • Content-left (header, content-column left, sidebar-column right, footer)
    • Content-right (header, sidebar-column left, content-column right, footer)
  • Grid-Elements:
    • One column
    • Two columns
    • Three columns
    • Four Columns
  • Further content-elements:
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